The construction of a latex mattress in detail

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When comparing latex mattresses, a distinction is made between natural latex mattresses and mattresses made of latex: The natural mattress consists of 95 percent natural rubber, which amounts to only 30 percent of the mattress made of latex. Here, the majority of the mattress is made of synthetic latex, while the remaining 5 percent of a natural latex mattress consists of vulcanization additives, which may be, for example, sulfur or salts.

The natural rubber used to make a natural latex mattress is made from the juice of the rubber tree. For this purpose, pour the liquid rubber into a steel mold, which is provided with long heating pins. After mixing the rubber with sulfur and anti-aging, the mixture is heated to 100 degrees. Through the “foaming” and the subsequent cooling of the mattress caused by the heating pins cavities with a diameter of 0.5 to 1 centimeter and millions of tiny bubbles in the mattress, which finally promise optimal air circulation and thus excellent sleeping comfort. This form of latex is also called pen latex. If larger holes are produced during manufacture, the cavern latex is used instead. Also, a structure in layers is possible: Mattresses consist of latex and foam. These layers are glued together to take advantage of both materials. Buy best houston mattress now at our online store.

The differences between natural latex and synthetic latex

If one decides to buy a latex mattress, one must first deal with the differences between natural latex and synthetic latex in more detail.

Especially the natural latex is considered to be particularly exclusive: The natural latex is made from the latex of the rubber tree – but until the tree is ready for the first “harvest”, it will take at least six years and afterward only about 50 to 80 grams of rubber milk per day remove. Accordingly, natural latex mattresses go hand in hand with a higher purchase price, while chemically identical replicas of natural latex are usually cheaper – but the comfort of an artificial latex mattress does not match that of a natural latex mattress.

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