The mattress in 140×200 – a standard measure

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Space for a mattress in 140×200 is in the smallest cabin: mattresses in 140×200 are sold as it is a practical size for double beds that can accommodate two but not take up too much room in the bedroom. Actually, one speaks only for beds with 160.180 or 200 centimeters width of a double bed, the 140 centimeters wide bed is a popular exception. The mattresses in 140 x 200 even the statistically best-selling mattresses at all.

Presumably, this size is also a very common measure for singles who like to have a little more space to sleep and enjoy high comfort. With 140 centimeters wide, the bed is suitable as a spacious single bed or a narrow double bed, a real hybrid size for all types of sleep and age groups. Buy best Adjustable beds Portland now.

Even a spontaneous overnight guest will find it. Matching the dimensions 140×200 you will also find furniture in the right sizes, such as wardrobes, dressers that together create a harmonious image. To the accessories for a cuddly bed in 140×200 cm is of course also the right blanket. Suitable sizes are 135×200 cm and 155×220 cm.

  • Also for the guest room is a mattress in 140×200 excellent, as here comfortably two overnight guests find space and the mattress in 140×200 even in a cramped guest room fits well.
  • Also in the 1-room apartment, which does not have a separate bedroom, mattresses in 140×200 are often found due to their practical size. Since 70×200 cm is a very rarely desired measure, this measure is not offered in many mattresses. It is therefore difficult to buy a double bed in 140×200 two separate mattresses.

In most cases, you will not be able to avoid buying a mattress in 140×200. Anyway, a mattress in 140×200 is cheaper than two in 70×200, as custom-made products usually have a higher price. If the mattress in 140×200 fits the width but needs a length other than 200 cm, you will also find it in our shop. We also carry various mattresses in 140×190, 140×210 or 140×220.

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