What is a 7-zone mattress?

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A 7-zone mattress, as the name implies, has seven zones. However, strictly speaking, these are four mirrored zones. One for the head, shoulder, and pelvis, the fourth is the hip zone in the middle of the mattress. The following 3 zones for lower legs and feet then again correspond to the zones for the head, shoulder, and pelvis. But why do mattresses have lying areas? This layout has a great advantage that you can freely rotate and turn the mattress. In addition, a 7-zone mattress has very good adaptability to the body and slatted frame and has excellent point elasticity.

Why do I need a mattress with 7 zones?

In order to achieve an orthopedic healthy body position while sleeping, it is important that some areas can sink deeper into the mattress than others. Especially on the shoulder zone, especially inside sleepers, a greater pressure. Ideally, the mattress in the shoulder area is softer so that the shoulder can sink deeper into the mattress. However, it is also important that the pelvis is supported so that the back does not sag. At this point, the mattress is ideally a little firmer. A 7-zone mattress adds extra comfort and a healthy sleeping position. The quality of the mattress naturally also affects the quality of the zones. 7-zone mattresses are available in all standard sizes up to 200 cm wide.

Advantages of the 7 zone mattress

  • Particularly ergonomic adaptation to the body
  • Body-friendly support and relief
  • Ideal point elasticity
  • Usually reversing mattress

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What types of 7-zone mattress are there?

Usually, 7 zones can be found in cold fluff or foam mattresses. The advantage here is that the 7-zone cold fluff mattress can already be divided into 7 zones during production. Even 5 zones are still common in cold fluff mattresses, however, the 5 zone mattresses are not so common to find, since now almost every model has 7 zones and thus almost all cold fluff mattresses have 7 zones. But even in spring mattresses, the division into zones can be found, such as a 7-zone pocket spring mattress.

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