What is a children’s mattress

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In principle, children’s mattresses differ only slightly from adult mattresses. They are constructed with a mattress core and the sheath. In contrast to the mattress covers for adults is dispensed with various comfort zones, the still low weight of children does not require this equipment. The mattresses are rarely covered and easy-care fabric covers have priority.

Why do children need a mattress for children and not a normal mattress?

The spine of babies and toddlers is still sensitive. Thus, in spite of the lightweight, it has to carry, it requires particularly careful support during sleep. Thin, soft foam pads hardly fulfill this requirement. In addition, the bed is not a pure rest zone for toddlers: kicking, jumping, jumping, and gymnastics are announced.

This burden must be a mattress for the cot grown. In addition, the health requirements for the edition are particularly high. No-pollution is a fundamental requirement, as everywhere in the nursery, that the mattress wicks moisture away is another important aspect.

Building a children’s mattress

Common practice is a structure of core and sheath. For the youngest no comfort zones with different high load response are necessary, on the contrary, this usual in mattresses for adults classification is rather disadvantageous. Uniform load capacity is to be preferred.

Foam mattresses should ideally have vertical ventilation ducts, a harder edge should be well finished and firmly adhered. Foam children’s mattresses are lightweight and reasonably priced, making them suitable as travel mattresses or as a twin bed for grandparents.

In contrast to pure foam mattresses, cold fluff mattresses soften pressure evenly. Depending on the quality, they are constructed in one or more layers and are equipped with additional body-friendly foam padding. Here, ventilation ducts and air chambers ensure a particularly pleasant sleeping climate and rapid moisture transport.

Also popular are versions in coconut latex. This species is preferred by ecologically minded parents, the sleeping comfort is good. These mattresses are rather thin, yet heavy. They consist of two different hard sides – latex for baby mattresses and cocos for toddlers.

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