What is a Visco Topper?

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A topper can be used on any type of mattress and brings various benefits. The mattress topper protects the delicate mattress from various liquids, bacteria, and mites. The hardness of the mattress can be changed individually with a topper without any problems. Mattress toppers have also proven themselves in the modern box spring beds. Is a mattress too hard or too old, then creates a circulation remedy. Even if it is a particularly inexpensive mattress, a topper can be used to increase the comfort of lying down. Mattresses Toppers are made of different materials.

What is a Visco Topper?

A viscose foam mattress pad is made of special foam and was originally developed for NASA. In detail, it is a shape memory polymer (memory foam) and this has special properties. A Visco Topper is permanently elastic, characterized by a very good pressure relief, optimal point elasticity, and a high volume density. The mattress pads respond slowly and sluggishly to both body pressure and temperature. For this reason, a Visco Topper adapts optimally to the body and ensures reliable support of the back. Since the foam reacts to sleep changes in the test slightly delayed, the topper ensures a quiet and relaxed sleep.

For whom is a Visco Topper suitable?

Due to the special material properties, a Visco Topper can be used by many people. In general, a mattress pad made of viscoelastic foam is suitable for all sleeping positions. The foam always adapts to the body heat and to the body contours. People who place great value on high lying comfort and optimum pressure relief are best served with a Visco Topper. People with back problems can relax and sleep comfortably with a viscoelastic mattress overlay.

The same applies to people who suffer from spinal, circulatory and joint problems. For people who like to sleep warm, a Visco Topper is also ideal. The higher the temperature in the bedroom, the faster the memory foam adapts to the body. The viscoelastic foam provides no breeding ground for mites and bacteria and the Visco Topper has a removable and washable cover. For these reasons, viscoelastic mattress pads are also suitable for people with a house dust allergy.

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